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Privacy Policy

The pledge of confidentiality for patients

You have the right to expect that information that you supply and details of your treatment is held in confidence.  Only the persons involved in the provision of your care, that is your podiatrist and other members of the healthcare team directly involved in your care will have access to your records and then only in so far as is necessary to fulfil their duties to you.

Very occasionally it may be necessary to share information with other health professionals, e.g. your GP.  This will only be done when it is in your best interest and in order to provide you with the appropriate level of care. However, you are entitled to request the information you give and details of your treatment are not to be disclosed to another healthcare professional without your prior consent. If it is necessary to disclose information because you are being referred to another healthcare professional, this will only occur with your prior consent.

Clinical audit

Information on your records may be used for the purposes of clinical audit. Clinical audit is essential to the provision of good care and involves reviewing the care that you have received so as to ensure that future care is safe and to the standard which you could reasonably expect. The is no risk of information bout you being made public as all data is anonymous. However, you have the right to object to your records being used in a clinical audit. Please inform the podiatrist so that measures can be put in place to stop your records being used for audit purposes.

Request for information

In the unlikely event that a request is received from a third party for information held on our records about you, details will not be disclosed unless you give consent.  The only exception to this is if we are directed to do so by a Court. 

You may see your records

If you wish to see your clinical records so that you may see what information is held about you please ask the podiatrist.  There will be an administrative fee of £10 if you would like a copy.  Proof of identification will be required.

Retention of records

Your records will be kept in accordance with the standard retention periods set out by the Health and Care Professions Council which is 8 years after the last appointment and aged 26 for a person who was seen as a child.

Who to contact

If you feel there has been a breach of your confidentiality, you may raise the matter with the podiatrist. However, if you do not feel able to do so then you may contact The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists at Quartz House, 207 Providence Square, Mill Street, London, SE1 2EW.